Saturday, April 18, 2009

Personal: almost here

Our second show, Personal, is slated to open May 7th..I hope you can drop in and take a look.
We have a couple events lined up during the show.

First...There is a soft opening on May 7th, which is the DUMBO First Thursday's art event. Feel free to come on by and take a sneak preview before the main opening party May 13th.

The opening party will be May 13th 7-9pm and is scheduled to coincide with the opening night of the NYPhotoFestival. It's going to be a madhouse over here that night (our opening is sponsored by Vitamin Water and Crop Circle Beer), so get here early.
RSG suggests you attend the Opening of PhotoFest which will be at Powerhouse Books at 6pm, then come over here at 7pm, meet the artists and catch the show, then head out for one of the many local events surrounding the Festival in the area....then if you are still standing, hit the PhotoFest After party down the block at 9pm.

We will also have Martin Schoeller's book "Female Body Builders" available during the show. Martin will be here on Saturday, May 16th at 1pm for a book signing. Don't miss that.

We hope to see you during the show!!!

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