Friday, June 27, 2008

I Love a Good Photo in the Morning

Was sent a link to this guy who copies classic photographs with scenes make from legos.
I just love creative people.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Video Smack
Beginning in July, RSG will present our Summer Project, Video Smack.

Video Smack is a semi-covert artist video/film project where we
take our projector/projectors to various locations
on any given summer night, and turn them on.

Video Smack is inviting film/video artists
from around the world to participate.

Here is how it works:

Sign up for the mailing list at the Video Smack Blog
(even if you are getting this email you still need to sign up)

Six hours before the screening we will send out an e-mail, post on the blog
and announce on Facebook
the location, directions, time and artist/artists.

Come on out and enjoy.

if you miss it, do not worry, most likely we will screen
the films on two separate nights, or you can see all the videos in the gallery.

8 Summer Group Show

Our Summer Group show is scheduled to open July 11th 7-9pm.
It features the work of Eight amazing photographers:

Kyoko Hamada and Tema Stauffer
Jessica Dimmock and Peter Van Agtmael
Alexandra Catiere and Shen Wei
Alison Brady and Ryoko Suzuki

The show has a rotational design.
Eight photographers in Four
2-person, 2-week exhibitions

Opening night all eight will have work on the wall.
That night, we hang the first 2-person show.
So, every other Friday, a show will close and the next
opens the following morning.

Who said nothing happens in the Summer.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cell Phone Coverage

Are these images of Saturn, taken from the cassini spacecraft not amazing!!

It is a wonder that such clear photos can come from across the solar system, but my ATT cell phone network drops out when I am under a tree in the middle of the city.
Check out the photos..they are amazing.