Saturday, November 24, 2007

Margot Quan Knight to Open December 15th.

We at RSG have been patiently awaiting this exhibition since Margot came on board the gallery.

Margot Quan Knight


December 15th—January 18

How do we experience the passage of time?
While physics may accurately describe a universal space-time,
our human experiences seem to defy uniform time on a daily basis:
each of us has lived a moment that seemed to last forever
or hours that passed by in a heartbeat.

Please join in at a reception for the artist
December 15th 6pm-8pm

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Don't Miss this...

The Randall Scott Gallery will be exhibiting at the Aqua Wynwood art fair!

Nathan Baker|Julia Fullerton-Batten|Lawrence Gipe
Etsuko Ichikawa|Alejandra Laviada|Lori Nix
Cara Ober|Dane Picard|Elena Volkova|Sarah Wilmer
Ryoko Suzuki and Shen Wei

December 4th- 9th
Aqua Wynwood

Booth # 29

42 NE 25th Street, Miami Wynwood District

For more info, visit

Lori Nix: "The City"

Running October 27th- December 8th.

The camera, originally used to capture and document reality, has evolved into a tool which aids in the physical manifestation of imagination. In her latest series, "The City," Lori Nix fabricates environments based off elements found in a city that has eroded with time. The viewer may mistake these scenes as reality until they realize that what they're seeing is slightly too amazing to be true. Nix's attention to detail is provocative and obsessive. In "Museum of Art," a colony of bees has reclaimed the museum as their hive haven. Amongst the framed paintings, an encased Gothic Virgin and Child, and statue resembling Michael Angelo's David, golden honey drips from a beehive perched in a barrel vault. Flowers and vines, emerging from cracks in the floor, are seen climbing up podiums and Corinthian columns, while bees fly under spacious domed ceilings.

The detail is incredible! How does Nix do this? Well, she meticulously creates intricate miniature dioramas by hand with basic materials such as plaster, cardboard, Styrofoam, mixed with the occasional fur, plants, cat whiskers and found objects. She builds all scenes, which take from 4 months to a year or two, for a single photograph that is taken from one preconceived angle. The 8x10 camera is used to capture the surreal scene on film where the illusion comes to life. Nix then dismantles the process and begins a new.

See more at
Come see her latest series at RSG while you have the chance. It's too good to be true :)

-Nadia from RSG