Thursday, July 19, 2007

sub-text to open August 4th

Opening in the gallery for August will be a group show called sub-text. This exhibition collects 5 new photographers I have found while searching the web, or believe it or not, off the RSG myspace site. These photographers are fresh. Their resumes exhibition list may not quite fill half a page, but this show is not about that.

Thematically, the exhibition is about sub-text. Those of you that have followed the past 8 months of gallery exhibitions may have seen that I look for artists who are rich in sub-text. I never want to know everything about a body of work, I love the mystery, I search to uncover the hidden meanings and multiple understandings (if that makes sense). I am all about sub-text and I chose five people who's work sucked me in.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I will.


work by
Victor Cobo
Alejandra Laviada
Lindsey McCracken
Caitlin Phillips
Sarah Wilmer

August 4th-September 8th
artists reception will be on
August 11th 6pm-9pm

you can preview the work here

Friday, July 6, 2007

"Healing" performance by Kata Mejia set

Performance artist Kata Mejia will bring her new work "HEALING" to Washington DC on August 1-4th.
The performance will take place in the BodySmith parking lot located at 1622 14th Street NW (between Corcoran and R Streets). BodySmith is generously donating the outdoor space for the exhibition. RSG will construct a stage for Mejia to present Healing (see below).
Performances will be from 6pm-7pm nightly.

HEALING was presented at NY's Lab Gallery in June and stopped traffic as people gathered to watch the performance through the gallery's windows.

The DC stage will face out onto 14th Street and is open for all to watch.

We hope to see you at one if not all of the performances!