Monday, April 7, 2008

Sarah Wilmer to Open May 31st

There is nothing like that feeling when I find a new artist whose work I absolutely love.
The hairs go up on the back of my neck and I feel the need to speak to them right away. I hate to wait.

Last Summer I came across Sarah Wilmer and put her into my summer group show "Subtext."
I am constantly amazed by what she photographs. From a family trip to New Zealand (My Brother Max...above) to her weekend photographic excursions around Jersey, to her commercial portraits and advertising. Her sense of natural light, composition and her approach to mystery/suspense and that cinematic (without being 'Cinematic") suck me in and hold me in this vortex of wonderment.

On May 31st I am excited to give her her first solo show at RSG. The work will be a wonderful collection of pieces that are both lyrical, romantic, mysterious and linger in a narrative both personal and emotive.

In the coming month I will put the work up on her website...or if you want a sneak peek...
go here.

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Anonymous said...

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