Friday, February 15, 2008

Nick Walker has arrived...finally

A year ago I started working with Bristol, UK based street artist Nick Walker. Nick is an original. He helped shape the Bristol street artist (some say graffiti) movement some 20 years ago that gave rise to Banksy. Long overlooked, not really into commercial gallery whatevers, Nick just hung out in his studio cutting stencils and making work. He produced limited edition prints and canvas editions. He occasionally ventured out onto the streets of Bristol and applied his vision to a wall, or a door, or whatever he thought needed a bit of color.

Well, Nick has arrived, finally, and recognition is around him.

Last week, Nick sold out his first solo show in Los Angeles. Then one of his amazing Moona Lisa canvas paintings sold for $90,000 at an auction in London. Demand for his work shot out across the pond. RSG has been getting countless requests for the edition "Can't Be Too Careful" and the paintings in stock sold first thing.

We here at RSG wish Nick the best on his success and the art world finally paying some attention. Nick is priceless and a true original who cares more about the work than most baggy pant, aerosol wielding kids that write their names everywhere.

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