Saturday, June 16, 2007

Artist Pick of the Week::: Antony Micallef

This blog has only been going now for 2 days, so here is a weekly feature you will find posted every Friday or Saturday. I will highlight an artist I have found on one of my mad internet searches. I'll post a couple photos and let you all go check them out. No big review, no critical analysis. Just a starting point for all you to see something new.

This week Antony Micallef

Those of you who may know me know that I adore this painter. He is a nice guy who in the past year has exploded on the art scene in London. His work is highly original. It drops just the right bit of information necessary to be covered in paint, or charcoal, or crayon, or pencil. His images float in a sea of white negative space that is alive with tension.

Antony, based in London, is an illustrator by trade and a painter in reality. His imagery chock full of media references in the way of corporate logos, marries itself to the bodies of babies, children and horrifically disfigured persons with angels wings. Corporate identity is overshadowing individualism in the form of dismemberment and substitution. Antony by no means is a fan of corporate anything.

I tried, and am still trying to get Antony into RSG. He is represented, worldwide by LAZ in London, the same dealer who reps Banksy. Antony told me he is comfortable to not show anywhere else in the world. "My work sells out before the show opens, why would I".

Let's hope he changes his mind.

This just in. I just got an e-mail from Antony, He is having his first major exhibition in LA sometime in September. It is run through his London dealer, the same dealer who reps Banksy. Expect a huge event!

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